Signs You May Need Orthotics

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Signs You May Need Orthotics

If you've had pain in your lower back, legs, or feet, you may benefit from orthotics. Many people go a long time with various aches and pains and don't realise that foot orthotics can offer relief. The way you walk and the structure of your foot have a great effect on your other joints. Correcting your feet could help with your other problems. Here are some of the signs that you could benefit from orthotics.

You have uneven wear on your shoe soles

You can often exhibit signs of foot problems well before you experience pain or other foot-related problems. If you look at your shoe's sole, you can see its wear patterns. A normal foot should wear the sole fairly evenly in the middle. If your shoes have wear on one side, you could have a foot problem.

You are on your feet for long periods

Even if you have a normal gait and no foot problems, standing all the time can take a toll on your feet. Orthotics can give you additional heel and arch support to maintain the good health of your feet.

You have problems with your feet or joints

If you frequently experience ankle, joint, or hip pain, you could have a foot-related problem. Many people find relief from their aching joints when they get an orthotic that helps support and redistribute the weight on their feet.

You have a lot of foot pain

Standing or being active on your feet can cause conditions like plantar fasciitis. If you experience pain when you first step out of bed, you could have this condition. Orthotics can do wonders in not only preventing plantar fasciitis but also helping relieve pain if you already have it.

You have an abnormal gait or pronation

An abnormal gait or over- and under-pronation can lead to injuries down the road. You could end up twisting your ankle or knee more often if this is left uncorrected. With orthotics, you can improve your gait and pronation issues and reduce your chances of long-term problems.

You have arthritis or other joint issues

When you have existing arthritis or joint issues, you will have problems with walking and other activities. Orthotics can help take the pressure off your joints. As a result, you will have less pain and more mobility.

The main job of an orthotic is to correct deficiencies in your foot and the way you walk. When you walk properly, you will put less strain on your other joints. For best results, work with a podiatrist to make a full evaluation of your feet. Talk to your general practitioner for a referral to a podiatrist who can help you get a custom orthotic if you need one.

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