Prevent Sports Injuries By Paying Attention To The Shoes

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Prevent Sports Injuries By Paying Attention To The Shoes

Do you ever only think of going to see a podiatrist when you are experiencing some foot pain? How much better would it be if you can prevent these foot and ankle injuries altogether? Well, a podiatrist can help you with that too.

As any expert sports podiatrist will agree, your choice of footwear can put you at risk of injury or significantly reduce this risk. Here is a look at some tips to keep in mind.

Buy The Right Fit

It may seem like the most obvious of tips, but some people still get it wrong. It's as much about the length as it is about the width of the shoe. Ensure that you have a snug fit and that there is a bit of wiggle room around your toes.

It's also worth noting that shoe sizes vary across different brands. This is the more reason why you should go for what actually fits you and not just the shoe size. Please don't buy into the idea of breaking in your shoes after wearing them a couple of times.

Choose Sport-Specific Shoes

Your runners may not be the perfect choice for when you are out on the court shooting some hoops. Do not multi-task and overwork your sports shoes. Instead, ensure that you have a good pair suited for each of the sports you play and your exercise style.

Ensuring that you get the right shoe suited for the sport you are playing will not help in preventing injury, but it also enhances your performance. Running shoes, for example, are designed to enhance your forward movement, unlike tennis shoes that are designed for side-to-side movement.

Know When To Replace Your Shoes

So, you've been working with a good pair that fits you well and is sports-specific, but sooner or later, you will need to get another pair.

A sports podiatrist will tell you that your feet may change over time, and when that happens, that snugly fitting pair of runners may not be as comfortable anymore. Again, shoes wear out over time, and it is only right that you should replace them when that happens. To avoid wearing out your shoes faster, avoid wearing them outside of your sports or workout sessions.

Your sports podiatrist will do more than just come in after the fact to treat your sports-related foot issues and pain. Get more insights on how to get it right with your footwear.

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