What Help Can You Get From an NDIS Podiatrist?

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What Help Can You Get From an NDIS Podiatrist?

If you qualify for NDIS, then you can get help with foot care and management from podiatrists who take on NDIS patients. This is a useful option if you have problems taking care of your own feet or have walking difficulties related to your medical condition or disability.

What kinds of services can you get from an NDIS podiatry provider

General Foot Care and Treatments

A podiatrist can help you take care of your feet if you aren't able to do this for yourself. For example, if your disability makes it hard for you to bend down, then you might not be able to cut your own toenails. If you don't cut them correctly, you could end up with ingrown toenails.

A podiatrist can help with this by cutting your nails for you. They can also treat and manage general nail and foot problems like ingrown toenails, hard skin and corns.

Medical Assessments

While some people only need basic podiatry help with regular nail care, some people need extra help with their feet. For example, if you have diabetes, then your feet are a risk area. Impaired blood flow to the extremities can lead to medical problems like ulcers and infections.

A podiatrist can assess your feet based on any medical condition or disability you have. They can give you advice on foot care and keep an eye out for any developing problems.

Also, if your disability has affected your walking or left you with foot deformities, then a podiatrist can evaluate your feet and propose suitable solutions. They can give you advice on foot exercises and assistive devices if you need them.

Assistive Devices and Products

In some cases, you may need support for your feet. For example, if you have trouble getting shoes on easily, a podiatrist can get products like elastic laces and special shoehorns for you.

They can also assess your feet for assistive devices like orthotics that fit in your shoes, or braces that strengthen your ankles. If you need special medical footwear, then they can measure you up and order these for you.

Not all NDIS podiatry providers offer the same services. Also, some only operate on a clinic basis while some also make home visits if you can't get out that easily. To find out more about how registered podiatrists in your area can help you, contact your local clinic today for an appointment. 

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