Taking better care of your feet in 2020: Ideas for podiatry-related new year resolutions

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Taking better care of your feet in 2020: Ideas for podiatry-related new year resolutions

The beginning of this new decade is a great time to reconsider personal goals. And while many people focus on professional, health, or academic goals, they tend to forget a very important part of their body: their feet.

Each foot is made up of over 100 muscles, making it a sensitive part of your body. Unfortunately, you may find yourself clinging on to old shoes, struggling with foot pain, or eating an unhealthy diet for your muscles. You can change all this by making resolutions related to your feet. Here are some ideas to consider so you may improve your foot health in 2020 and beyond.

Measure your feet

Similar to many other parts of your body, your feet will grow larger over time. They may also slightly change in shape and positioning, depending on how often you engage in physical activity. As a result, you should have your feet measured on a regular basis.

A podiatrist can measure your feet and determine the best types of activities necessary to keep your feet healthy. They may also recommend specific types of shoes that provide adequate support and minimise the risk of injury.  

Get rid of old and undersized shoes

Another important tip is to take a closer look at your shoe cabinet. As much as you love the shoes that you used to wear 4 years ago, they may be undersized or have a worn-out sole. Such shoes tend to press against your toes, cause flat feet, or even result in sprained ankles.

The sensitive tissue in your toes may also react to improper shoes by sending pain signals and a feeling of soreness. Replace such shoes with new ones recommended by your podiatrist.

Don't ignore the warning signs

Your feet muscles are excellent at communicating. They will let you know when they're injured, sore, tense or torn. This is why you shouldn't ignore any discomfort in or around your feet. In some cases, ankle and lower back pain is a result of foot muscle injury. Because your feet support your entire body, ignoring the health of your foot tissue may spiral into more significant problems down the road.

Inform your podiatrist of any discomfort or pain in your feet. Your podiatrist may recommend regular stretching, hot/cold therapy or massages to help ease discomfort.

Massage regularly

Speaking of massages, keeping all 100 muscles in your feet healthy is no easy task. This is why podiatrists recommend regular physical activity so you can remain healthy. Regular walking, running, stretching and jumping can toughen your feet and keep them in good shape to support your body weight. In addition, have occasional foot massages to ease tension and soreness.

Visit a podiatry clinic to learn more. 

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